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Animal Health Associates

 Animal Health Associates has been serving the community of Central Michigan since 1989.  At AHA we love animals of all shapes and sizes and strongly believe that pets are a part of the family.  Our doctors and staff are committed to providing the best veterinary care possible for our patients.

Our Mission:

   To provide quality veterinary medical and surgical care for the pets  and livestock of our community

  To project a positive, compassionate and energetic atmosphere

  To promote continued lifelong learning and education

  To maintain a fulfilling professional career and family life 

Reception Area

Welcome to Animal Health Associates!

Here our highly trained staff and friendly office pets will check you and your pet in for your visit.  Plus, our retail area is connected where you can choose from our prescription dog and cat foods and our hand-selected products approved by our veterinarians.


Exam Room

Each of our two exam rooms provide a private space for your appointment and hidden beneath the exam table is everything our veterinarians need for your visit.

Lab Area

Our  in-house lab area is fully equipped.  We have the capability to obtain bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal and cytology results in a timely manner to aide in the assessment of our patients.   

Radiograph Viewing Area

Being able to view our radiographs using the correct lighting ensures our veterinarians can make the correct diagnosis and show you what they're seeing in the exam rooms at our smaller viewing stations.

X-Ray Room

Our x-ray system is fully adjustable and allows us to take radiographs of everything from the smallest kitten to the largest of dogs and everyone in between.  Plus, each x-ray is developed in house when taken, ensuring fast and accurate results.

Treatment Area

Our fully equipped treatment area boasts a stainless steel surgical table as well as all of the odds and ends needed to treat your pet. It allows us to provide the individualized care your pet needs and deserves.

Surgery Suite

At AHA we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our patients during a surgical procedure and anesthesia.  Our surgical table is heated to help patients regulate body temperature and a highly trained staff member monitors the vitals of each patient.  In addition, every patient is evaluated by a monitor that measures blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, tissue oxygenation, respiration and records and ECG of the patient while under anesthesia.

Kennel Room

Our kennel room is equipped to handle all sizes of dogs, and each has his or her own space.  Plus, each dog's boarding sheet staying with them, ensuring they receive the correct food and medications during their stay.

Grooming Room

Every Wednesday our grooming room is full of dogs (and cats).  Kennels are provided separate from our boarding area and our professional groomer ensures they all leave looking their best.

Isolation Ward

The isolation ward allows us to care for extremely ill or contagious patients without risking the health of our other visitors.  It also means everything needed for their treatment protocol is right there ready for them when they arrive.